The first Flight School at the foot of Mont Blanc

Helicopter flight training and development at professional level in an environment among the most beautiful and exciting in the world 


Founded in June 2014 with the idea of ​​setting up a vocational training organization in Courmayeur, at the foot of Mont Blanc, for helicopter pilots in a natural environment particularly suited to training at high altitudes.
Flight training, specifically for professional helicopter pilots, requires students who undertake to develop a great capacity for coordination between what "the eye sees" and “hands on the controls”, in order to control the aircraft in the best way depending on the environment in which you are in. It is precisely for this reason that the mountains, being a particularly complicated zone, is able to provide much more thorough and effective training in comparison to other places, increasing the threshold of attention and preparation to react promptly in complicated or adverse situations. 
Each student will acquire exceptional sensitivity in order to maintain level flight conditions up and down performance of the helicopter which will lead to a careful and continuous evaluation of the flight conditions especially during takeoff and landing, significantly increasing  the capacity of evaluation and the level of safety compared to those who, for the same purpose, fly in different environments (such as the plains).
With the partnership of ELIFRIULIA.

The helicopter used for student training is the Robinson model R44.

- elevate performance training level  (compared to models normally used in teaching: R22 and H300)
- higher security
- 4 seats (an absolute novelty in the area of training, as there are usually 2 positions)
The helicopter used is the Robinson 44, fast and powerful. Unlike other helicopters normally used in flight training the R44 has four seats. This will allow you, during navigation flights, to join the flight as a passenger increasing the time spent in the helicopter. As a passenger you will in fact participate in the lesson, follow all phases of the flight from a different point of view and considerably improve your experience.
Flying in the mountains between the snowy peaks and glaciers, forests and lakes is fascinating, but also very challenging . The reduced performance of the helicopter, the winds, the weather are always elements that require careful consideration by the pilot.
It is precisely for this reason that the mountain environment will give you the opportunity to learn in a much more effective way compared to other places. A very high level of training!
In addition to all the maneuvers required for the PPL and CPL courses, you will dedicate a considerable part of the training to mountain flying. Landings up to 3000m are an integral part of our training syllabus. You will learn to fly the helicopter close to its limits, acquiring exceptional sensitivity and improving considerably evaluation skills and safety. 
The GMH flight instructors are daily engaged in various activities with the helicopter. Sling load operations, heliski, fire fighting, powerline patrolling and construction, videos and pictures shooting etc. 
This is the kind of knowledge and experience that you will receive during every flight and ground briefing. 
PPL (H - Private Pilot) 
This is the first flying license obtainable and gives the possibility to fly any type of helicopter for which you are qualified
- not for commercial purposes
- without any form of remuneration
To work as a pilot it is necessary to be in possession of a CPL.



CPL (Professional Pilot) 
This is the pilot's license that allows you to fly any type of helicopter for which you are qualified
- for  commercial purposes
- within the organization of an aircraft operator
To train for the CPL it is obligatory to have the PPL.
ATPL (Pilota professionista di Livello Superiore) 
As the CPL but
- it allows piloting of helicopters with larger crews
- can pilot the lead helicopter during a flight line
To gain access to training for the ATPL one must  be in possession of the PPL and CPL.




  • Type rating:          

  - AS 350/EC130                      

  - R 44


  • Mountain aerial work (ex DM 467/T)


  • Night rating qualification


  • Instrument rating
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